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The Photography of Tom Hussey

It is rare to become enamored with entire photo sets from an artist. It is even more rare to fall in love with pictures for an advertisement.

A set of pictures taken by Dallas-based photographer, Tom Hussey, made their way all over the internet. They were intended as advertisements for Alzheimer’s disease medication in 2010, but their poignant composition pulled at heartstrings all over the world. They are a sincere peak into the lives of strangers that truly tell a lifetime of stories in single images.

The photos in the set entitled Reflections are just that. They are different elderly people from all walks of life, looking into their reflection and seeing who they were in their prime. Who they see themselves as are smiling back at them, as though nothing has changed.

There is nothing sad about the set, although, there is bittersweet longing in some of the photos. Some subjects seem pleased, as though reflecting on a life well-lived. Others seem to miss who they were when they were young. The set is an accurate mix of emotions that create different stories for different people. It is fascinating to see some subjects surrounded by family members, some alone, and the settings they’re placed in.

The set does well in exhibiting different walks of life and inspiring empathy for these characters we have never met. It is also rare to see a photo set by a photographer that purposefully seeks out different races to portray. The message may be that Alzheimer’s disease affects everyone, but out of content, the set feels like so much more.

Tom is known for his lifestyle photography, and working with advertisement. He brings a special, personal quality to his work. A ton of other photo sets can be seen on his portfolio website here.

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